Tax Billing Policies

ImpleXcorp puts at your disposal our Invoicing policy in order to meet jurisdictional objectives and strengthen free international trade. Only our organization may issue invoices to registered companies and / or legal entities that comply with the billing policy.

-The invoice will have the tax applied to the amount paid according to the VAT that is declared in your country to be invoiced.

-Billing information must be registered in our database at the time of purchase to process said billing.

-The invoice will be sent to the mail provided by the client with a period of 48-72 from the date of shipment of the requested order.

-If you do not have sufficient tax data after 15 days of having made the purchase, your order will be processed as: General Public Sale.

-The invoice will be made under the data provided by the client, if the data is wrong due to his carelessness, the invoice can be changed as long as it is still within the month of payment.

-If the client wants extra information to appear on the tax invoice, they must notify it along with the tax data.

According to the Country:

This policy applies only to the following countries and continents: USA, Europe And Asia. No exceptions will be applied to countries that are not within the billing policy. That is, if the purchase comes from the countries already named; It is an application for the billing request.

The fiscal invoice will be issued according to the governmental guidelines of your country to be invoiced.

According to the Amount to Pay:

This policy only applies to amounts over 300 USD. Amounts less than 300 USD will be taken and processed as a natural and not legal person. Purchases processed in other currencies must be equivalent to US $ 300 or higher in order to proceed with billing.

According to the Order Quantities:

For all billing you must comply with a minimum of 5 units or more of the same or different products. Orders under 5 units will be processed as: General Public Sale.

According to the Shipment:

Invoices can be processed with destinations to other countries as long as the country to be billed is within the same billing policy. No limit on the amount of shipping is required.

If you have any questions regarding the billing of your order, you can write to us at the following email:

[email protected]

* Note: ImpleXcorp conforms to the government laws of your country. No document will be falsified that could harm our organization and neither you. All billing is issued with tax stamps which ensures a homologous fingerprint.

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