About Us

About us?

ImpleXcorp.com is an online Worldwide store for everybody that which can buy many items.
It´s been created in order to ship and deliver your purchase fast.
Our website can be found in 120 countries.
Customers can do dropshippings. For Example, you can buy and ship to another destination.
We ship to 80 countries.

Our website collects more than 90 currencies.
Our tracking system is synchronized with all shipping companies.
You can create an account, upload your profile picture, check order status, check shipping status, billing and shipping address, payment methods, cart, wishlist and reviews.
Chat and assistance 24/7.

Why Buy at ImpleXcorp

We have 10 years managing the business. We work in all countries. We have the full experience of all process of your purchase until the delivery. We can assure satisfaction for your orders.
Also, we are highly prepared in cheats, disputes, refunds, item lost, returns and exchanges. Do not hesitate, your investment is totally secured. As a company, we work as team and we are focused on long term business as well as communicating with trust and giving best support all the time. 

If you need support please contact us by:

Sales department:
[email protected]

Help and Support:
[email protected]