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WZRELB – Power Inverter 3000 W | 24 V to 120 V

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Product Type: Power Inverter
Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 9.1 x 3.5 inches
Product Weight: 9 lbs
Item model number: RBN300024VC
Manufacturer: Yueqing Reliable Electric co., Ltd
24V DC input range: 21v-30v
Efficiency: 85% -90%
AC output: 120V, adjustable
Frequency: 60Hz

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WZRELB – Power Inverter 3000 W | 24 V to 120 V

-WZRELB 3000W 24V DC to 120V AC pure sine wave generator, as good as grid power, 3000W continuous power, 6000W peak power, with LED displays for AC DC voltage. Double outlet.
-Comprehensive safety protections: over voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit, overheating, reverse polarity protection (fuse), electricity leakage protection.
-Integrated intelligent cooling fan works according to temperature and does not load. Extends battery life. It is quite quiet and only closes when the temperature is above 57 degrees Celsius.
-Free and clean energy used as marine power inverter, vehicle power inverter, and industrial power inverter and so on. Compact and portable for camping, road trips and ideal use in cars, boats, and for electrical emergencies.
-High quality pure copper induction, filter the waveform, guarantee the AC output of pure sine wave, and protect your equipment. All big imported carabiners with strong driving ability.

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Product description:

About WZRELB: Professional manufacturer of pure sine wave WAVE power inverter for 10 years, provide quick response, friendly customer service and 18-month warranty.

Product Details:

24V DC input range: 21v-30v
Efficiency: 85% -90%
AC output: 120V, adjustable
Frequency: 60Hz
Plug: double us typelow voltage alarm: 19.5V-21.5V
Low voltage shutdown: 18.5V-20.5V
Over load: shutdown, manual recovery> Overvoltage shutdown: 30.5V
cooling ways: the cooling fan will work when the temperature is above 50 degrees centigrade


1.Do not connect the inverter to the power grid, and a reverse connection of positive and negative is also prohibited.
2.Please don’t overcharge. If your applications are inductive loads, choose inverters whose continuous power is 3 to 7 times higher than the watts of your appliances. If you want to turn on a refrigerator, we suggest you use a 10 times higher power inverter.
3.Turn off the load first and then turn off the inverter. And since there is a soft start function, please turn on the inverter first and then turn on the loads, or the output may not be stable in the first few seconds.
4.For a flashing red light, remember that the input voltage is a bit high.
5.Please use the standard battery cable set we shipped to you, or full output may not be guaranteed. There are built-in fuses for safety reasons, the fuse that comes with the package are only spare parts.

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