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Twilight - All Movies - DVD | Bundle - Instant Delivery

Twilight – All Movies – DVD | Bundle – Instant Delivery


Series Name: Twilight Saga.
Format: Digital download.
Video Type: MP4.
Size: 9.29 GB all movies.
Number of movies: 5.
Genre: Fantasy.
Language: English / Spanish.
Production company: Temple Hill Entertainment.
Country: United States.
Years: 2008-2012.
Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke.
Download From: Mega.

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Twilight Saga DVD | Bundle – Instant Delivery

Twilight is a series of fantasy romance novels by Stephenie Meyer. It follows the life of Isabella “Bella” Swan, a human teenager who moves to Forks, Washington and finds her life turned upside-down when she falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. The series is told primarily from Bella’s perspective, with the epilogue of Eclipse and book two of Breaking Dawn being told from the perspective of Jacob Black. Midnight Sun, a companion book to the series, is told from Edward’s perspective.


The first of the four books (Twilight) was first optioned by MTV Films, Paramount Pictures, and Maverick Films to potentially become a film, although this deal lapsed in April 2007. The book is currently being optioned by Summit Entertainment. The assigned director of the film was Catherine Hardwicke and the writer is Melissa Rosenberg. Stephenie Meyer’s “dream cast” for the possible movie is on her official Twilight website.[2] However, Meyer has stated that she does not have any influence on the movie, so her personal cast list will probably differ from the actual cast. On November 16, 2007, Summit Entertainment, along with Stephenie Meyer announced that Kristen Stewart has been cast in the role of Isabella Swan. Another cast member was announced on December 11, 2007. It was said that Robert Pattinson (who portrayed Cedric Diggory in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) will be portraying Edward Cullen.[3] Summit entertainment had an open casting call for the role of Jacob Black on January 19 and Taylor Lautner was eventually cast. The movie was released on November 21, 2008 and performed well at the box office.

New Moon

Following the success of Twilight, Summit Entertainment created a movie based on the second book in the series, New Moon. Stephenie Meyer stated that she was very happy to be working with Summit again. The Twilight Saga: New Moon was directed by Chris Weitz, with Melissa Rosenberg returning to write the screenplay. The film was released into theaters on November 20th, 2009, and the DVD was released in March 2010. The film was a commercial success.


Soon after New Moon was released, production began on the adaptation of Eclipse. Summit chose David Slade to direct the installment. On June 30, 2010, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was released into theaters and grossed millions, breaking a number of box office records. It was also released in IMAX for a limited engagement. The DVD was released on December 4, 2010.

Breaking Dawn – Parts 1-2

Production for the film adaptations of Breaking Dawn began in November 2010. Unlike the previous films, Breaking Dawn was split into two parts. Bill Condon was hired to direct the films, and the budget was expanded. The first film was released on November 18, 2011, and second on November 16, 2012.

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