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The Wind in the Willows | E-Book - Instant Delivery

The Wind in the Willows | E-Book – Instant Delivery

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Year: 2010.
Edition: New
Publisher: Oxford University Press.
Language: English.
Pages: 213.
ISBN 10: 0199567565.
ISBN 13: 9780199567560.

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“The Wind in the Willows” is a young adult novel by Kenneth Graham which follows the adventures of the anthropomorphic animals Mole, Rat, Badger, Toad, and their friends. When the novel begins, Mole is at home doing spring cleaning, and he is quite bored with it. He casts down his cleaning instruments and runs to the surface to plow through rabbits along the roads and through grasses in the meadows to the river. It is at the river that Mole meets Rat, and the two form an immediate friendship. This friendship brings Rat’s friends Badger, Otter, and Toad into the story.

The novel continues to follow the animals on their adventures and misadventures. Toad, a well-to-do heir, goes through innumerable fads such as his interest in motor-cars. However, when he steals a car, it is his undoing, He is arrested and sentenced to jail. He escapes from jail disguised as a washer-woman. Meanwhile, the other animals must deal with the bad reputations they have for being Toad’s friend.Toad’s home is taken over by menacing animals from the Wild Woods, and the four friends rally together to save the house. With the Wild Wooders driven away, Toad turns over a new leaf and becomes a respectable aristocrat. He is loved and admired by many. He deepens his friendship with Mole, Rat, and Badger; and, the four often take long walks and live well thereafter.

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