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DELL PowerEdge T30 Server

Brands: Dell
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PowerEdge T30 server

Item Condition: New.

Brand: Dell.

Model: T30.

Item Type: Server.

Product: Physical (Sealed).

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Front PowerEdge T30 Server

PowerEdge T30 Side Server

Rear PowerEdge T30 ServerPowerEdge T30 Server Open

The PowerEdge T30 Server is an excellent first server for small or home offices (SOHO). It integrates
large internal storage capacity and functional performance
in a quiet, compact mini-tower cabinet that offers
worry-free, efficient operation.

To get organized

Both at work and at home and in the classroom, the PowerEdge T30
enables you to improve access to information, simplify processes, and
get more done in less time. Overcome data and
application complexity and organize on a central server.

  • Simplify by consolidating business information, images and
    videos stored across multiple media and
    media types in multiple locations on a single server with up to six
    hard drives.
  • Delete data, images, and videos lost and misplaced
    due to file-sharing by transferring
    electronic information.
  • Install anywhere with a
    small mini-tower form factor and
    desktop- sided nondisruptive acoustics.

Improve efficiency and safety

Achieve more with greater efficiency and productivity for
small or home offices. The server offers
faster data transfers compared to external
storage, cloud storage, or email.

  • Improve collaboration by running applications,
    accessing data, and sharing information and files from
    any device.
  • Achieve better business transaction response times
    with the latest generation of
    Intel® Xeon® multi-core processors and save time when moving or copying files between
  • Reduce cost and dependency on the cloud by
    storing data and running applications on an
    internal server.

Control your destiny

Take your business to the next level with
built-in expandability and data security.

  • Grow overtime at your own pace with six
    hard drive bays that provide
    ample internal storage capacity.
  • Easily and flexibly connect devices with 10 USB ports.
  • Protect data and files with RAID software and
    optional backup and restore solutions.

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