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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard | Retail License

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Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has embraced a cloud-inspired infrastructure which makes collaboration and communication much easier and effective than ever.

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WOOCS 2.1.9

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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based platform that centers around collaboration.

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Windows SharePoint ingles 3People-centric

Although SharePoint is usually marketed as a document management and storage system, it can be configured into various uses cases which are relevant to different organizations. The entire approach is ‘people-centric’ and aims to work for the user instead of the other way around.

Cloud-inspired infrastructure
Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has embraced a cloud-inspired infrastructure which makes collaboration and communication much easier and effective than ever.

Store all documents and access them
With SharePoint, you can store all documents in a single library that you can access from anywhere, without the need to separate shared and private documents as each file will be handled according its individual properties.

Community Site template
SharePoint has a Community Site template which stores discussion history to ensure compliance with corporate governance guidelines. It has built-in search abilities along with new community ratings and achievement systems to communicate with other community members

The callout feature
The callout feature in document libraries shows commands and information for each document so you can easily share and follow documents.

Enhanced business intelligence features
SharePoint has enhanced business intelligence features, particularly in Excel and PerformancePoint Services.

Drag-and-drop features
The Drag-and-drop features make it much easier to move files between any location on connected devices.

News Feed
Your News Feed will receive alerts whenever a document is updated so you can keep track of any changes. Microblogging allows for conversations within the actual News Feed for better context when having discussions.

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