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Office Standard 2010 Portada 2 (1)
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Microsoft Office Standard 2010 | For 50 PC MAK Volume

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Office Standard 2010 2Microsoft Office Standard 2010 | For 50 PC MAK Volume

Fast startup and fast editing are the highlights of Office 2010. Integrated image and video editing solves a long-standing pain point. The start button is replaced by the familiar File menu and at the same time user orientation has been simplified.

In the new Backstage view you will find, for example, various templates, the improved menu for printing, compression, version management and recovery, or processing of metadata. Also new is the integrated translation function and multilingualism. In addition, a new color design, custom menus and a uniform interface for all software packages. After getting used to it in a short time you can work faster.

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Excel receives features such as slicers and sparklines to better filter pivot tables and related number sequences, format them graphically, and create hierarchies in the tables.

Powerpoint users are delighted by the multimedia processing and especially by a variety of new effects, sections, that allow editing related slides in a common presentation or broadcast to a remote audience via the web (also without the recipient have Office installed).
Conversations in Outlook make long email histories better readable. The application is more secure and through the Social Connector you can integrate social media profiles with your own contacts.

For professional use, cloud storage and common editing are introduced through blocking that allows one user to block special paragraphs for another user. For backward compatibility, a compatibility pack and interactive guide are provided to help you find features from version 2003 faster. Both are free to download.
In total Office 2010 has almost no weak points, only in the compatibility of the 64 bit version with old files and it is above all in the compatibility between browsers, the common editing and the user orientation a great progress. It is also recommended for your safety thanks to Protected View, email encryption and other features. We recommend using Office 2010 with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.