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Graphics Card OEM GTX 650 TI 1GB | DDR5 128 BIT | Worldwide Free Shipping

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Core code GTX650TI GK106 Core frequency 928 / 1046MHz Display memory frequency 5400 / 5800MHz 3D API

Brand: OEM
Product: GTX 650 TI
Chip Technology: 28nm
Memory Bit Width: 128bit
Memory Type: GDDR5
Available Memory: 1GB
DirectX: DirectX 11
Output interface: VGA, DVI, HDMI
Use Type: For Desktop
Core Frequency: 928MHz
Product dimension: 262mm x 153mm x 59mm
Graphic Interface: pci-express 3.0 16X
Heat dissipation: Fan cooling

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Graphics Card OEM GTX 650 TI 1GB | DDR5 128 BIT

Core code GTX650TI GK106
Core frequency 928 / 1046MHz
Display memory frequency 5400 / 5800MHz 3D API Directx11.1
768 Stream Processor


Chip Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Graphics Chip: GeForce GTX 650 Ti
Chip series: NVIDIA GTX 600 series
Chip technology: 28 nm
Core Code: GK106
Core frequency: 928MHz Auxiliary power supply: 6 pins
DirectX version: DirectX 11.1
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Capacity: 1024MB / 2048MB
Memory bandwidth: 128bit
Maximum Resolution: 2560 × 1600Interface Type: PCI Express 3.0 16X


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Differences between GTX650 and GTX650TI

Core Code GTX650TI GK106 Core Frequency 928 / 1046MHz Display Memory Frequency 5400 / 5800MHz 3D API Directx11.1 768 Streaming Processor
Core code GTX650 GK107 Core frequency 1058 / 1110MHz Display memory frequency 5000 / 5200MHz 3D API Directx11 Stream Processor 384

Above is the design of different hardware appearances, different workmanship 650TI, luxury heat dissipation, good size of the 650 heat sink tube slightly shows that the heat dissipation component of the small material-saving plastic shell is too much weight, lighter performance, different workmanship design appearance is not the same. In simple terms, the graphics card with TI generally belongs to its upgraded upgraded version of the model performance, and the workmanship has greatly improved.

GTX 650Ti Features

Compared to GeForce GTX 650 Ti, GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST has a 5% higher base clock of 980 MHz, a higher texture fill rate of 62.7 Gigatexels per second, and a 60% higher memory bandwidth. When dynamic throttle frequency is enabled, the frequency of our public graphics card will be increased to 1033 MHz, 105 MHz higher than the fixed frequency GTX650 Ti.

The list of changes also includes the addition of SLI to allow gamers to add the second GTX 650 Ti BOOST GPU to their systems, doubling performance in optimized SLI-enabled games.

GTX 650Ti Specification Parameters

Main parameters
Core frequency: 980 MHz
Screen type: DDR5 support
Screen memory capacity: 1024/2048 MB
Display memory width: 192 bits
Display memory frequency: 6008MHz
Display memory bandwidth: 144.2 GB / DirectX version: DirectX 11.1
Graphics card interface: PCIExpress 3.0 x16
Display output interface: HDMI interface / Dual DVI interface / DisplayPort interface}
Auxiliary power supply: 6 pinsI / O interface: HDMI / DVI / VGA