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Graphics Card OEM GTX 1050TI 4GB | DDR5 128 BIT | Worldwide Free Shipping

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Memory Frequency: 1752 Mhz

Brand: OEM
Product Status: New
Product: GTX 1050TI
Chip Technology: 14nm
Memory Bit Width: 128bit
Memory Type: GDDR5
Available Memory: 2 GB
DirectX: DirectX 12
I / O interface: HD / DVI / VGA
Use Type: For Desktop
Core Model: GP107
Graphic Interface: pci-express 3.0 16X
Heat dissipation: Fan cooling
Technology: OpenCL, CUDA, PhysX, DirectCompute 5.0

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Graphics Card OEM GTX 1050TI 4GB | DDR5 128 BIT

Nvidia has released several Pascal-based graphics cards before. Of course, these cards are in the middle and high end.

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Memory Capacity: 4096 MB (4 GB)
Bus width: 112.1 GB / s
Bandwidth: 128 bits
GPU Clock: 1291 Mhz
Default clock: 1291 Mhz
Memory Frequency: 1752 Mhz
Shader: 1392 Mhz
Memory Type: GDDR5
Interface Type: PCI Express3.0 16X
I / O interface: HD / DVI / VGA output
Technology: OpenCL, CUDA, PhysX, DirectCompute 5.0


GTX 1050Ti uses the new GP107 core and uses the latest Pascal architecture. Unlike before, GTX 1050 and GTX 1050Ti carried the 14nm FinFET manufacturing process for the first time. In terms of specs, the GTX 1050Ti uses 768 stream processors, with 64 texture units and 32 grid units. Compared to GTX 1060, GTX 1050Ti’s parameters are 2/3 of the first.

This knife also fits the old Huang rule as GTX 1060 and GTX 1080 are the same gap, ROPs are 3/4 of GTX 1080. Of course the old GTX 960 is different. Lao Huang castrates GTX 960 too hard. GTX 960 is equivalent to GTX 980 divided in half, the former being half the size of the latter.

GTX1050 has 2GB of memory, positioning is 1080P / 60 frames of medium and low special effects to play all kinds of popular games; GTX1050Ti has 4GB of memory, the positioning is medium and special effects for playing games.

Compared to previous generations, it goes without saying that GTX1050 replaced GTX950, and GTX1050Ti is not hard to guess that performance will be above GTX960.

The official website only shows the above data, but it is enough to see that thanks to the improvement of the 16nm process, the Pascal graphics frequency of this generation can be very high, only the public version level (the 50 series generally is like the appearance of network cards) can achieve an acceleration frequency of about 1.4 GHz, we need to know that the previous generation of Maxwell products only about 1.1 GHz. In addition, the number of stream processors, GTX1050Ti equal to GTX950, GTX1050 same as GTX750Ti, but after Pascal architecture optimization, even if the same stream processors have the same frequency, performance will be improved, and in addition to the core frequency, the memory frequency will also be greatly improved in this generation . In terms of screen memory capacity, GTX1050Ti is bigger than GTX1060 3GB, at 4GB!

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