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Adobe Premiere Pro | 1 Year Subscription - Multi-language |
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Adobe Premiere Pro | 1 Year Subscription – Multi-language |

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Product Name: Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Adobe Premiere Pro | 1 Year Subscription – Multi-language |

Adobe Premiere Pro Quickly tag and transcode video footage and quickly create a preliminary cut with Prelude CC, a video ingest and logging tool designed for efficient and intuitive media organization and metadata entry. Prelude translates effortlessly into Adobe Premiere Pro, ensuring smooth communication and organization throughout the video production process.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a must-have and logging tool for tagging media with metadata for searches, post-production workflows, and image lifecycle management.

Adobe Premiere Pro is also designed to work closely with Adobe Premiere Pro. It is part of Adobe Creative Cloud and is geared towards professional video editing alone or in a group. Adobe Premiere Pro is a transcoding and tagging video production software. It is designed for efficient and intuitive metadata input, allowing you to quickly tag and transcode video footage.


• Transcoding to multiple formats. Transcode files to your preferred formats as you ingest clips. Just set a main destination folder and format. Add more destinations and their corresponding formats, and then click Ingest.

• Full or partial clip ingestion. Get started faster by ingesting clips in their entirety, or just the portions you want, to save time and reduce storage needs. Set the In and Out points directly on the clip thumbnails. Adobe Media Encoder will create a new clip from the marked range.

• Fully searchable metadata. Find the clip you need quickly with searchable metadata. Even between terabytes of footage. Add metadata in real time with keyboard input, during ingest using custom templates.

• Heads-up logging. Accelerate your registration workflow with a streamlined interface and smart keyboard control. Preview clips and record temporary markers and other searchable metadata while keeping an eye on the footage.

• Scrolling thumbnail images. Mouse over the thumbnails in the Project panel. Just move your cursor over the clip to preview it.

• File name change on ingest. Configure your own filename presets to automatically rename files when ingested so you can search and find files more easily.

• Export rough cut. Share rough cuts faster by exporting directly to Adobe Media Encoder from Prelude. You can also choose to send to Adobe Premiere Pro for final editing.

• Custom metadata in the ingest. When you create the rules, you get exactly the metadata that you need. Prelude allows you to create custom metadata templates. Therefore, collecting key information becomes an easy and consistent part of the ingest workflow.

• Scene scripts as metadata. When working with scripts created in Creative Cloud, you can drag and drop scenes to link to footage as search metadata. Search with word-specific precision thanks to voice transcription markers that stay with your footage throughout the production workflow.

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